What is פסח for me?


  1. FAMILY, it represents an “ingathering of exiles”. Coming home.

When children are coming from far and wide to celebrate the seder together with their parents. This is a family holiday. As we know the family aspect of the seder is an integral part of the way that we observe the pesach

  1. education-

the Tora speaks frequently of the responsibility of parents to teach their children about the exodus. In many mitzvoth in the Tora  theזכר ליציאת מצרים   או  וזכרת כי עבד היית   ; BUT

Of no other commandments does the Tora. Speak about children’ s questions and parents answers.

  1. we encourage the little once to stand before  the GRENFATHER or  a father or mother and ask: : ma nishtana as a truly essential part of the seder.SO important that aspect of the interaction between parents and children that there are many customs  primarily to stimulate the curiosity of the children.  And every one is welcome: the chacham and the wicked etc .let every one ask. let their parents answer.
  2. This is a night when bonds are strength between parents and children . When the chain of generations is strengthened and new links are added.
  4. on pessach we read and say that every Jew should regared himself as though he or she were freed from Egyptian slavery/ and began the march towards  mounth Sinay

To receive the gift of the ten commandments/

the story and its narrative speak to every generation. In every era has its Egypt , its own brand of slavery and temptation.

So to every generation the pessach says that this night is different.


So my friends, the exodus represent two fold of liberation 1 from physical enslavement and  2 from spiritual degradation/

We must ask ourselves: are the enslavement of pharaoh and idolatry behind us?

The seder  is not only a celebration of past liberation but also a challenge to retain it and this is our responsibility.

We are celebrating the past and the future.


In addition we also should think about our community and about all the Jewish people.  And feel the responsibility to each other/ AND TO OUR HOLY LAND ERETZ ISRAEL/


דברי תורה

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